The Memorial Feast of Pope Saint John Paul II

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Royalmont Welcomes Tony Melendez in Concert Nov 1st – 7:30 PM

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On Saturday, November 1st, Royalmont Academy welcomes Tony Melendez, international musician for a concert.  Prior to the performance, Tony will give a talk to prospective Royalmont Prep High School students as part of the High School Discernment Night. The concert is open to the public with tickets only $5 per person or $10 per family. To purchase tickets, click here. For information and to register for the High School Discernment Night, click here.

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Register for High School Discernment Night

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Royalmont Academy Courtyard Yields Giant Surprise for Students

When Royalmont Academy moved into the former Mason Heights building there were tenants who remained behind… two box turtles.  On Friday, Mr. Schlotman’s fifth grade class was out exploring in the courtyard as they frequently do when a discovery was made yielding a giant response from students and formators, “Praise God!”  A tiny baby turtle was discovered by students, just larger than a quarter.  Realizing the turtle would not survive this time of year in the colder elements and knowing mother turtles abandon their babies upon birth compared to other animals, the Royalmont family did the only thing they knew to do… attempt to save the turtle.  Housed in Mr. Schlotman’s classroom, the baby is resting comfortably.  The Royalmont family is hopeful this small miracle from God will lead to many new discoveries throughout the year and a reaffirmation God always has a plan.

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Students Prepare for Fall Banquet

Students throughout Royalmont Academy have been working hard on their fall banquet speeches.  Each year students grades K-8 describe their feelings about the school, the virtues instilled in them and how Royalmont Academy prepares them for the future.  Tickets can still be purchased for the event on Saturday, November 8, 2014.  Dr. Bill Thierfelder, President of Belmont Abbey College, will be addressing those in attendance.  Click here for more details.

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National Pro-Life Cupcake Day

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High School students participated in National Pro-Life Cupcake Day by venturing into the community of Mason Thursday to talk with community members.  Students gathered together Wednesday night to bake and decorate the cupcakes they would be passing out in honor of the special day to remember all of the children who will never get to enjoy a cupcake.  To learn more about National Pro-Life Cupcake Day click here.

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